Gary is also relentless in his campaign for G.R.O.T.S. (get rid of traffic signals) and promote F.I.T. (Filter inTurn)
He has spoken on both BBC local television, radio and local press on the subject.

How many times do we see the traffic flows better, when the traffic signals fail?


How many times do we have to stop at a red signal when there is absolutely nothing coming?


How often do the council screw up a system by installing a ridiculous amount of traffic signals in their view of acting in public safety?

He recommends councils should follow other places: Guernsey, Canada and locally to him Portishead in Bristol, who have either taken the traffic signals down, or experimented and covered them up (often with the result of leaving them covered), because ‘IT WORKS!’
Sceptics among you would worry about road safety, but it’s been proven that it IS actually safer, because currently over half the accidents happen at traffic signals; probably because drivers are being ordered to go by either red or green lights and not looking for themselves, take that automaton approach away and drivers would start looking at each other and therefore naturally take more care!
He would ban the word ‘priority’ and promote shared spaces, naked streets, levelled pavements with the road, to encourage sharing. Think of campsite and festival situations where  traffic sharing naturally works and proof ‘less is more!’

This would involve more engagement with each other, more eye contact, more courtesy and reduce the ridiculous culture of queuing either at monotonous red signals or ridiculous queuing at the ‘give ways’!

A simple filter in turn policy, or first come first serve approach would be the answer.

Imagine the cost saving in the non installation of signals, much less signage, less road markings and therefore an incredible reduction in electricity and maintenance costs!

He understands this is a big ask and will take councils an enormous amount of courage to experiment, but it works in Portishead,  so ‘why not?’  Local pedestrians, as well as motorists when interviewed where FIT has been implemented, were mainly in favour and not only does the traffic flow better, but both drivers and pedestrians are so much happier.

Then of course there is the obvious saving to the environment, with much less pollution if the traffic is moving and less energy used with a lot less tiresome light pollution.

Join him in his campaign, by lobbying your M.P. or council and get the word out there..  FIT!  Filter in turn……Get FIT for the 2020’s!